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Turn On or Transfer Electric and/or Natural Gas Service to an Existing House, Apartment or Manufactured Home

If you are an existing Entergy customer or new to our area, these instructions should help you get electric or gas service for your home. To help speed up the process, please have all the necessary information when you call 1-800-Entergy.  You also may complete your application online.

Step 1 – Provide Required Information.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

• Street address (valid street number and apartment number, if applicable). Please use your 911 address (no PO box numbers) to avoid a delay.

• Mailing address (if different from above).

• Name (Must be at least 18 years of age). If a deposit is required, it will appear on your first month's bill.

You will be asked to provide this additional information:

• Drivers license number and state of issue

• Social Security number

• Date of birth

• Employer

• Daytime telephone number or a contact person if more information is needed and to avoid delay.

• Directions to the property including directional street address (e.g., South Main or North Main Street)

Note: Entergy performs turn-on services Monday through Friday, and observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Step 2 – Review Permit Requirements

• A permit may be required from your city or parish. If so, any required inspections or permits must be made before Entergy can connect your electric and/or service. Entergy must receive the permit or approval from the permitting authority before establishing your service. Entergy will notify you by telephone when we receive your permit or approval.

• For apartments, the management may have requested the inspection and received the permit or approval. You should verify that this has occurred in order to avoid delays.

Step 3 – Establishing the Electric or Natural Gas Service Request – What to Expect

• Notify Entergy at least two business days in advance of your desired date for electric or natural gas service for an existing home, apartment or manufactured home. If no permits are required and all information is complete, Entergy will turn your service on within two business days.

• Notify Entergy at least three business days in advance if the structure is brand new (and you have the permit already).

Note: More time will be needed if Entergy has to specially design your installation. For example, setting a transformer or new pole may extend your service initiation date by 15 business days.

• For electric service, your establishment’s main breakers must be turned off prior to service being connected. If not, your service could be delayed.

• For natural gas service, someone over the age of 18 must be present at the location at the installation time to allow Entergy to perform a safety check.

• If a permit or approval is required, Entergy must place your order on hold until we receive it. Once we receive the permit or approval, your service should be connected within two business days. We will alert you of the scheduled turn-on date. Please provide a good daytime telephone number so that we can reach you.

• Connect fees. A small fee may be collected on your first bill to energize your home. The Louisiana Public Utility Commission has authorized the following connect fees: Entergy Louisiana customers: $10; Entergy Gulf States Louisiana customers: $18 each meter.

• Transferring your Entergy service. Entergy serves a four-state area. If transferring service from one location to another where both are located within the same Entergy Company, then no additional deposit is required, as your current deposit will transfer. Otherwise your deposit requirement shall be based upon your prior paying habits.

• If there is an existing outdoor area light associated with the property, you will be asked if you desire to continue this service. You also have the option to inquire about our outdoor area lighting programs.

Step 4 – Consider Additional Program Options

You are invited to examine our programs online or discuss them with our representatives if you apply for service over the telephone. Once your service is established you can also revisit this website and apply online.

For more information, go to Customer Service FAQs