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CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information - Nelson Plant
Location Restrictions
Design Criteria
Operating Criteria
Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action
Closure and Post Closure Care
Retrofit of CCR Unit
Fugitive Dust Control Comments or Complaints

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Nelson Plant

Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action - Existing CCR Landfill

  • Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report
    • Document posting required 1/2018
  • Groundwater Monitoring System Certification
  • Selection of Statistical Method Certification
  • Assessment Monitoring (if triggered)
    • Demonstration that alternative groundwater sampling and analysis frequency is appropriate
    • Demonstration that a source other than the CCR Unit caused a statistically significant increase over background levels for a constituent
    • Notification of establishment of assessment monitoring program
    • Results of constituent concentrations (Appendix III and IV parameters)
    • Notification of return to detection monitoring program
    • Notification of detection of Appendix IV constituent(s) at statistically significant levels above Ground Water Protection Standard (GWPS)
    • Notification of initiation of assessment of corrective measures
    • Completed assessment of corrective measures
    • Public meeting for corrective measures assessment
    • Semiannual report describing selection of remedy
    • Notification of completion of remedy